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DESIrE – Work Packages Information

The project activities will be completed throughout seven Work Packages (WPs).

WP1: Understanding the demand for trafficking in human beings for sexual exploitation

WP1 will set the scene for the entire project. This Work Package will develop a working understanding of the key terms Demand, Sexual exploitation, and Prevention.

WP2: Analysis of national laws and policies on sex work

WP2 will create a conceptual map of the different legislation and policy models addressing sex work. It will also address what the premise of each law and policy is, with regard to its impact on trafficking in human beings. The aim of this Work Package is to provide stakeholders with up-to-date information regarding the advantages and disadvantages that have been put forward in literature and research studies with regard to each model. The focus is on the Dutch, Croatian, Polish and Swedish model.

WP3: Empirical research

WP3 will undertake empirical research to determine the perceptions of sex workers, consumers, law enforcers and the general public as to the different existing laws and policies. In particular, this Work Package will aim to find out which of the legislative models that sex workers and victims of human trafficking think best allows for safety, dignity, and the prevention of trafficking in human beings. By undertaking the empirical study, the aim is to try to validate the conclusions reached in the literature as to the relationship between national sex work laws and the prevalence of human trafficking.

WP4: Alternatives to legislation

WP4 will analyse alternative approaches that can facilitate prevention of trafficking in human beings for sexual exploitation.

WP5: Conclusions and recommendations

WP 5 will draw together the research and provide concrete conclusions and recommendations.

WP0: Project management, and WP6: Dissemination

Finally, WP0 (project management) and WP6 (dissemination) will run throughout the lifecycle of the project.