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Validation Workshop in Zagreb

Validation workshop in Zagreb on 19 June


As you know, the Desire Project seeks to better understand the impact of different models of sex work on the prevalence of trafficking in human beings. To that purpose, we have selected four countries on basis of their very different approach towards sex work in which we are now doing fieldwork. These countries are Croatia, the Netherlands, Poland and Sweden. The fieldwork there includes interviews with various stakeholders - such as NGO workers, policy makers, sex workers, law enforcement officials, trafficking survivors and the general public - in order to better understand their approach to sex work, sexual exploitation and trafficking for purposes of sexual exploitation, and the laws and policies regulating sex work.

In this workshop, our country teams presented and discussed the findings from their empirical research with various experts from different countries.

You can find the agenda of the workshop here; and if you are interested in knowing what happened that day, click here!