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DESIrE Final Conference on demand in the context of human trafficking

On 13 December 2018, the DESIrE Consortium held its final conference on demand in the context of human trafficking. The DESIrE project has been running for two years (since January 2017) and this one-day conference was an opportunity to share our major findings and present our conclusions and recommendations. The programme sought to:

  • Present an overview of the objectives of the project;
  • Outline the core concepts integral to our research on demand reduction in the context of human trafficking for the purpose of sexual exploitation;
  • Describe the national laws and policies of our four case study countries (Croatia, the Netherlands, Poland and Sweden) and their implementation on the sex industry and human trafficking;
  • Discuss ways of combating sexual exploitation;
  • Present alternatives to legislation to curb trafficking.


Click here to view the full conference programme!