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An Insight into Croatian Sex Work: Results from a Study

New blogpost of DESIrE : The saga continues!


You liked our blogpost on direct field assistance to persons selling sex in Croatia? Then check out its sequel on the findings of our qualitative study on the Croatian sex industry, entitled "An insight into Croatian Sex work: Result from a Study". The blogpost outlines the reasons and ways sex workers entered the sex industry in Croatia, the hostile environment they work in and their fears. It also outlines the reasons given by the clients on why they purchase sex services, and what they are looking for. It concludes by reminding the importance of taking the voices of sex workers into account, especially when crafting laws affecting them.


If after reading the blogpost you are craving for more information on these empirical findings, our comparative report on "Understanding demand for sexual services, human trafficking for sexual exploitation and existing law and policies in three European countries (Croatia, The Netherlands and Poland)" is waiting for you !